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Long Gone and Moved On

Everytime they ask me,
Have you really moved on?
I always tell them,
Of course!” with full of conviction

Then I ask myself the same,
Have you really moved on?
Of course.. yes?
This time, I answered with a question

Yes, I have to.. Yes, I need to..
I just got to say yes

That’s what my mind always says
But I know inside me, I’m still a mess

Yeah I’m fine”, sure I am
But it hurts to know you carried on
While I’m still stuck in the past thinking
That you’re long gone and you moved on

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The Night We Met

We met in the least ideal place
for a love story to take place
The night was too young to waste
and too perfect to be erased

It was already past midnight
that turned quickly into daylight
In that moment we felt like
it was more than just a dreamlike

We didn’t want the night to end
hoped it was more than just pretend
We’re both drunk to know it was love
but there’s no true love in a club

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Alone in Love

She was left alone once again
without a word by another man
It was hard for her to recover
she’ll need more time to start over

She was left alone wondering
why do people keep on disappearing
It was harder for her this time
to move on again from such a crime

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Self blame

Don’t put the blame on caffeine
if you can’t sleep tonight,
But blame yourself instead
for drinking coffee at night

Don’t blame him for hurting you
not just once but twice,
But put the blame on yourself
for giving him the rights

It’s okay to blame yourself
for giving you heartaches
But don’t blame yourself too much
for committing mistakes